Low Impact Can Have a Big Impact

People with hypophosphatasia (HPP) are often limited in the activities they can participate in and the amount of exercise they can do. Check out these quick and easy suggestions that can get you moving without overdoing it.

Having HPP can make moving around and getting exercise very difficult for some people. But doing low-impact movements with the supervision of your doctor may actually improve the health of your bones and your health overall. A trained professional can teach you exercises to do at home, or you may want to work with a physical therapist to build muscle and improve your stamina.

Not all exercises need to be intense or jarring. Stretching exercises can be helpful because they make your body more flexible. Stretching can often help you be more limber and can reduce the risk of muscle tears and other injuries. Ask your doctor about calf stretches to increase your range of motion and reduce the daily stress of walking, or hamstring stretches to benefit your knees, hips, and back. These are just a couple of examples of stretches that can help make your muscles and joints more flexible.

More traditional exercises like cycling and swimming are great at building muscle in order to stabilize your bones and help you in daily activities. Starting and continuing some form of physical exercise is extremely important, especially for those who have a disease that weakens bones and increases the chance of fractures. Always ask your doctor before doing any exercise that goes beyond your daily routine.

When you have questions about HPP or are looking for healthy lifestyle tips, along with your healthcare professionals, we’re here to help you. Our articles and patient stories are continuously being updated. If you want to continue your search somewhere else, we can help with that too.